Political Philosophy,

•December 6, 2006 • 2 Comments

How you define Politics ? Is it related to the Society or not? Can we call Politics is ‘Normative’?



Idealism, for what purpose?

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I’ve been trying to compose a nice line of argument, but it is getting late so instead I will only throw out this blunt statement to you: There is no difference in saying the world concists of only mind or of only matter.

I have drawn this from Berkley’s idealism. I cannot see why his arguments leads to the conclusion that “to be is to be perceived”. It could just as well have been “our mind is nothing but chemical reactions”.

My main thought is that the name you put on the substance does not matter if that is all there is. Mind exists only in relation to matter.


Is the move towards ateism desirable?

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Nietzsche says that the move towards anteism is something!

Announcing Philosophy PBL.

•September 8, 2006 • 10 Comments

Foucault in the morning. Writing a film script in the afternoon and watching films of explicit philosophical content in the evening! This a way to cover another fabulous text and to come out at the end of PBL with material for I.A’s! Comments please. now down to business. What is your view of N’s contention that everything great is steeped in so much blood?

Beginning of the Blog,

•September 5, 2006 • 1 Comment

I hope all of you like it and keep using it.